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'A Tent For A Special Occasion'

Depending on the event, choosing the right sized marquee to fit your needs is essential. If there are small numbers of guests attending a wedding or party the whole affect of celebrating under canvas can lose its appeal if there are acres of room and the place looks empty. Similarly if the marquee is too small with a large number of guests, people can feel uncomfortable and in some cases it can be dangerous.


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At Royston Marquee Hire we listen to your requirements and will off advise on the best marquee to match you event based on what you have told us and our own experience. We offer two types of marquees, the very popular Clear span marquee and the Traditional pole marquee.

Clear Span

The design of our clear span marquees allow total flexibility, it can be easily extended or reduced in size.

  • Internal - There are no internal supports giving great internal space. PVC glass panels allow daylight into the marquee if the side are dropped due to bad weather. These panels can be removed on hot sunny days.
  • External - There are no guy ropes, so no trip hazards.
  • Surface -  The clear span marquees can be erected on virtually any surface. Due to the frame structure there is no need for guy ropes or pegs. The marquee can be secured to the ground using weights. Pegs are used are used in severe weather.
  • Stability - Frame marquees are ore stable and can withstand high winds, rain and snow so they are a practical solution in the winter months.
  • Flexibility - Our marquees can be built to any size and can be joined together to create an 'L' shaped covering.
  • Safety - No guy ropes means very low risk trip hazard. Our marquees are made from flame retardant PVC manufactured to BSI standards.


Clear Span Marquee

Clear Span Marquee